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Network Number Inventory Management™

Network Number Inventory Management™ (NNIM) is a scalable and fully automated system that enables operators to reliably and efficiently manage their telephone numbers i.e. SIMs, MSISDNs, IMSIs, ICCIDs, IPs as well as other communication identifiers such as URLs and email addresses.

TNM focuses on the automation of all number resources, which enables operators to adhere to regulatory requirements and effectively manage the lifecycle of telephone numbers, as well as benefit from time savings and a reduction in costs.

A number of challenges are faced by operators today, which include:

  • Demonstrating utilization targets have been met in order to receive additional numbers for new assignment
  • Accurately managing their designated number inventory, acquired number inventory and inventory resold
  • Returning under-utilized blocks of telephone numbers to the Pooling Administrator
  • Not assigning contaminated or ported out numbers to customers
  • Following regulations with respect to how long a phone number can remain in an ordering, reserved or aging status
  • Knowing when to return ported-in numbers to the native block or code holder when the service is disconnected
  • Planning number utilization effectively, to not run out of numbers that can be assigned to new customers

Failure to correctly address these challenges can result in being denied new telephone number ranges, being unaware when available number resources are running out, data integrity issues, reduced customer acquisition due to fallout and process failure, as well as being fined by the Regulator.


Number Management 

NNIM maintains a clean number resource inventory by providing extensive processing and setting assignment priorities at the block level using assignment logic; a priority of use first, available for use, use last, or do not use.

Vanity/Golden Number Management

NNIM provides the user with the capability of marking numbers as ‘Golden’ or ‘Vanity’ numbers based on user defined criteria. Golden numbers are then protected from the general assignment rules and may only be allocated when specifically requested.

IM Management

NNIM provides full lifecycle SIM management to include a standardized SIM card profile and templates, as well as an automated interface to the SIM manufacturer’s system which reduces cumbersome processes associated with sending orders.

There is also an order management console that allows simplified tracking of orders throughout the ordering lifecycle.


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